The most powerful advertising expenditure analytics platform

See how you can discover and analyze advertising expenditure data.

Take a look at all of your competitor’s advertising expenditure.

You can customize reports, easily retrieve competitors and product categories, and look up images or audio clips from thousands of radio ads. Uncover new advertisers by Media House, see live feed of online and radio ads and create advance graphic reports that you can easily share with your clients.

See top Spenders for individual or grouped media

In which media are the top spenders spending most of their budgets? See who the top spenders are in Online Advertising, who the top spenders are in Radio Advertising? See Live Demo

See Top Spenders by Product Category

View the specific categories, where advertisers spend most of their budgets. See the products and the advertisers in each category. See Live Demo

See product timelines

You want to know the time of the year a specific brand or advertiser, spends most of their budget. Or you want to know the exact date a specific ad aired in the market. See Live Demo

See Top Advertisers by Category

You want to create and share a simple chart that will show the Top advertisers in the category passenger cars. Enter any category To retrieve the main advertisers in the selected category. It is very easy to create and share an image of the chart. See Live Demo

See spenders by Media House

Discover which media houses have the most advertisers. Select The type of media you are interested in and take a look at the Media house ranking. You want to see who are the top advertisers for a specific media house. Simple click on it's bar. See Live Demo

Advertising Expenditure By Media Type

You can find advertising expenditure for Press, Radio, Outdoor and Online Advertising. Uncover the main advertisers for each media, and rank media spending by type of media. See Live Demo

Looking for ad copy or audio clips? See below

Search for ad copy

Search for Press, Outdoor, Online or Radio ad copy for any product, brand or category In the market.

Hover over and download any creative in our database. Use these ads to help inspire your internal team or impress clients by sending them the exact creatives that their biggest competitors are successfully using. See Live Demo

See exact value for each ad

Search for any brand’s ad copy and look at the exact advertising expenditure for each image.

See exact air time for each ad

Search for any brand’s ad copy and look at the exact dates it was aired.

Play radio ads live

Listen to or download any radio spot live. Select the brand or category and click on play.

Create and share reports and analysis

Share Reports with Charts

If you want to compare specific brands, or specific brands in a selected category, our simple to use feature enables you to easily create reports just like the one on the left in less than 30 seconds.

You can export and share these reports with your clients or colleagues. You can also customize these reports to be generated automatically and have them delivered to your email every week or every month. See Live Demo

Advertising Expenditure Reports for any brand, or product category in the market

You can use our custom reports function to generate reports for absolutely any product in the market. You can select any media type, including Press, Radio, Outdoor, and Online Advertising. A simple search function allows you to search for any product or category without having to be familiar with the product and category structure. You can customize the report in a number of ways. See the live demo below for more information. See Live Demo