Advertising Expenditure


Look at the value of each one of your competitors advertising

Discover our Advertising Expenditure Tools

Category Spending

Retrieve advertising expenditure data for product categories or groups of products. Compare all brands in one category to see the top spenders or the newcomers in the market.

New Ad Alerts

Select to monitor any product category and you will be notified every time a new ad appears in any of the media we cover.

Simple Reporting

Create quick and simple reports, to share with your Clients. Or we can create them for you and you can simply share them.

Media Plans

Monitor your own campaigns to make sure they run as per plan. Detailed media plans will show you where the ad is running and when.

Increase the value of your services

Hand data about the competition to your clients and trust us, they will pay serious attention.

Access to creative media

You will have access to Radio Clips, Web, Press and Outdoor ads for any campaign. We keep records since 2007.

Why you absolutely need to know how much your client's competitors are spending on Advertising

You don't simply need to know how much they are spending, it is Equally important to share this info with your clients. It will help you understand your client's market, it will give you Insights about the competition that you can pass on to your clients. It will help your clients make quicker decisions on Marketing actions.