If you have competitors in the market and you want to know more about their Marketing practices, scroll down and read the entire page.

Look at the value of each one of your competitors advertising

See the value of any one, or all of your competitors advertising.

Look at the value of the exposure of each one of your Competitors by comparing the value of their marketing budgets.

You will be able to identify your competitors’ best sellers, or which products they are aggressively Pushing in the market.

Simple one page reports with easy to read charts and tables will show you which products are being pushed in the market most, in which media they are mostly advertised, the seasonality of each campaign and many more insights for each one of your competitors.

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Trends and Seasonality

Trends and Seasonality

Having access to your competitors advertising expenditure going back several years, will help you see the trends in your competitor’s products. Products being phased out, new products being launched in the market, the strength of each product’s exposure, traditionally strong sellers and their marketing strategies, are all elements. You will be able to see and compare values between different years, thus enabling you to pick up trends and seasonality in your competitor’s advertising strategies.

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Monitor your competitor’s adcopy

Looking at your competitors ad copy can help you see possible strengths or weaknesses in their products. Besides looking at how much was spent on each ad, you can see the actual content of the ad and compare it to your own adcopy. Keeping track of your competitors special offers, price promos, joint activities or any other marketing action is crucial in designing your own marketing strategies.

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How we do it?

We are covering advertising expenditure across traditional and digital media. We also monitor and store ad copy for thousands of brands and advertisers across all media.


We cover all print material published, magazines, newspapers and special editions.


We monitor all the radio stations covering 100% of the radio advertising market.


We provide 100% coverage of the outdoor advertising market.


We measure online advertising expenditure on local websites.