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If you are a media house, our tools can help you track advertisers and thousands of potential clients in Press, Radio, outdoor and Online Advertising.

Online platform

Our online platform for advertising expenditure is the most advanced advertising expenditure tool in the market.

Users can see their brands' exposure in the market and instantly compare it to the competition. If your brand or product is in a very competitive market and you want to know more about your competitor's Marketing actions, click to learn more.

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Uncover what your client's competition is doing instantly, look at Media Plans, look at images of their advertising, learn when how and where they are advertising.

Identify competitors relevant to your industry and reach out to them with a targeted, relevant proposals. By seeing their exact ad creatives, landing pages, and overall strategy, you can develop a pitch that's guaranteed to impress.

Show that you understand your clients competition with real time data about their communication. Researching data using our online tool can help you understand what, when and how much your client's competitors are spending on Marketing.

Our reports provide a complete and comprehensive overview of the market. You might see competitors you never heard of, or campaigns that you might not be aware of, but are still affecting your position in the market.

Track any advertising campaign

See actual ads, evaluate competitor advertising and submit top notch reports right out of our platform into your client's monitors.

How we do it?

We are covering advertising expenditure across traditional and digital media. We also monitor and store ad copy for thousands of brands and advertisers across all media.


We cover all print material published, magazines, newspapers and special editions.


We monitor all the radio stations covering 100% of the radio advertising market.


We provide 100% coverage of the outdoor advertising market.


We measure online advertising expenditure on local websites.